Larry Grogan: Shouldn’t every college campus have a pet therapy program?

Our next guest is Larry Grogan! For 8 years, he and his dog Scrappy were a pet therapy team at a local children’s hospital. But when Scrappy passed away, Larry turned to writing as his personal therapy. Two years later, he published “A Tail of Love, Life Lessons from Scrappy, a Pet Therapy Dog” which chronicles many of her life saving stories. Their mission is to share with the world the power of pet therapy dogs so that more people can live their lives as Scrappy would want them to.

In episode 229 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Larry chose North Carolina State University, what made him and his dog Scrappy decide to get into pet therapy, how Scrappy became his EVP of Sales and Marketing, conversations you can have to help family members when you’re grieving over the loss of a family pet, how Scrappy taught him that exploration is the key to life learning, the reasons why every college should have a pet therapy program, the mental health benefits of having a pet therapy program, difference between therapy dogs and a service dog, rules and regulations on college campuses about pet therapy, and where to go to get more information on pet therapy. Enjoy!