Paul Lawrence Vann: How can college students thrive in today’s economy?

Upon retirement from the USAF, Paul Lawrence Vann became an entrepreneur. Paul founded Wealth Building Academy. He is a leadership expert, certified financial manager, speaker, trainer, best-selling author, course creator, and podcast host of Wealth Academy Podcast and leads the YouTube Channel ‘Leadership Is Influence’. Paul’s mission statement is to provide results-focused leadership development expertise to clients. In light of the dynamic workforce changes taking place, he helps organizations to maximize their human potential and improve their bottom line. His new book is titled “Leadership Is Influence”, and it provides a blueprint for people becoming leaders of influence.

In episode 418 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out what Paul learned by living in a large family with 10 children, what makes him believe so much in higher education, why today’s youth should consider serving in the US Military, whether the Top Gun movie series was accurate, what it was like working for the Pentagon, what are the three prongs to becoming a leader of influence, why you don’t need the title of leader in order to be a leader, whether leaders are born with leadership abilities or not, what steps students can take to thrive in today’s economy, and how diversity and inclusion in a student organization positions the organization with a competitive advantage. Enjoy!