Dr. Samantha Pillay: Could low level alcohol usage prevent students from reaching their goals?

Our next guest is Dr. Samantha Pillay. Samantha finished school at 16 years old and commenced studying medicine at The University of Adelaide. Driven to take on challenges, she became the first woman in South Australia to complete the adult Urological Surgical training program despite physical limitations from congenital hip dysplasia. While training in urology, Samantha saw a need for a greater focus on incontinence treatments for women and a need for specialized care. Her vision was to establish a sub-specialty practice bringing the best treatments available to the women of South Australia. She became the first urologist in Australia to exclusively specialize in female and functional urology, establishing Continence Matters in 2002, subsequently building her single surgeon practice into a Centre of Excellence. Samantha has devoted her career as a surgeon to treating incontinence, reducing the stigma, and educating doctors, health professionals and the community. She is a single mother, surgeon, running a business and a household, who enjoys writing in her spare time. Now she is the author of two Amazon No 1 Bestsellers:

• The No Recipe Cookbook – a cookbook for people who don’t cook.

• When I’m a Surgeon – an inspirational children’s picture book.

In episode 236 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out how she got all this drive to succeed at a young age, more about how she found a need in the market for a sub-specialty practice, gender biases she faced as South Australia’s first female urological surgeon, ways that low level alcohol usage might actually be preventing students from reaching their goals, parallels between smoking and drinking alcohol in terms of lessons not learned, how creative writing enhanced her skills as a surgeon, and ways college students can end the stress of making dinner choices and save time/money with their meals. Enjoy!

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fB3yq2pmt8