Mahesh Grossman: Is hypnosis really something that can help with physical or emotional pain?

Our next guest is Mahesh Grossman. He is a clinically certified hypnotherapist on a mission to let the world know how valuable hypnosis is for pain relief—for both physical and emotional pain—as well how it makes a huge difference for many medical conditions. He does this through seeing clients in person, via Skype, through his blog, and as a pain management and hypnosis expert for the Huffington Post. Mahesh is the author of the book “The One Minute Anxiety Solution: 57 Ways to Lower Your Anxiety, Take Back Your Life & Get Back to Your Pre-Anxiety Self”,

In episode 237 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Columbia University was the right choice for Mahesh, what made him want to be a hypnotherapist, if anyone be hypnotized, if I will remember what happens to me under hypnosis, how hypnosis can affect the health of your body, if I would be cured immediately from the effects of trauma or if this a recurring thing that you do over and over for patients, what tools he uses most often as a hypnotherapist, how you can lower anxiety in 60 seconds, and how we can wake up calm and happy in the morning.