Dr. Michelle May: What is mindful eating?

Today we have with us Dr. Michelle May! Her passion for vibrant living and mindful eating stems from her 20+ year struggle with food and body image. Despite earning a medical degree, completing a Family Medicine Residency, and sustaining a busy medical practice and family, she continued to waste time, money, and energy on yo-yo dieting.

Dr. May discovered that many of her patients were struggling too, and that the conventional approach to health doesn’t lead to lasting change. Now, as a motivational wellness speaker and Certified Speaking Professional, her interactive virtual and in-person keynotes and workshops deliver paradigm-shifting, yet practical strategies to promote a healthier, vibrant, productive workplace and community. She brings her personal and professional insights, humor, and authenticity to the stage to offer a compelling, constructive, and sustainable path to optimal well-being.

In episode # 138, we find out why Dr. May chose Arizona State University, why Chi Omega was the right organization for her, why her unhealthy relationship with food was her dirty secret, what is mindful eating, what is the Mindful Eating Cycle model, how we can get our organizations to be more responsive and less reactive, some strategies to enhance the well-being of our brothers and sisters, how we can add physical activity to our life even if it’s not currently a part of our life, and her favorite restaurants in Phoenix (this was an easy answer for Dr. May).

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cY6INC6Ie5I