Joseph Vernace: How do we add a new sorority or fraternity to our campus?

Today we have with us Joseph Vernace, the Associate Director of the Health Sciences Office of Student Services at Stony Brook University. Joseph is a Father, husband, and experienced, values-driven higher education professional – in that order. He is a lifelong student eager to learn, grow his skills, and find avenues for his creativity to flourish. Guided by a coaching mindset, he’s a developer, advocate, and ally with a great deal of heart, love, and passion for student and staff development.

In episode #133, Joe tells us why he chose Adelphi for his undergraduate experience (and was a founder of Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity there), how his role today with the Health Sciences Office is different from other roles he has had in the past with residence life and student involvement, why campuses should open up for new fraternities and sororities to join their community, what type of data we should be collecting to demonstrate that this is a good idea, how we can get campus-wide buy in, how you can make your campus attractive to NPC groups, his opinion on exploratory visits, the pros and cons of doing outreach to organizations directly, what should be on the evaluation form for the CPC Extension Committee, and what you should do if the vote fails. We also get into Joe’s favorite food spot near Stony Brook University!

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