Brooke Yoakam: As an entrepreneur, what’s your advice to other college students with business ideas?

It’s always important to me that the undergraduate voice is heard on the Fraternity Foodie Podcast. Our next guest is Brooke Yoakam, a sophomore at Boston College and is also the CEO and Founder of GiftPocket, a mobile FinTech app that is transforming the way that people and brands use gift cards. With GiftPocket users can manage, exchange, buy, and send gift cards from their phone. She created GiftPocket when she was 12 years old and has since launched GiftPocket in Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Brooke has been featured on Bloomberg QuickTakes, TedX Talks, Yahoo Finance, Crunchbase, CBS Boston, Columbus Dispatch, Clubhouse, and more.

In episode number 176 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out how Brooke came up with the idea for Giftpocket when she was 12 years old, how she pushes through when obstacles come her way, how the app has evolved, who her mentors are for the business, her strategy for more app downloads, why she chose Boston College for her undergraduate experience, how hard it is to do both (being a student and an entrepreneur), ideas for the future, advice to other college students who want to start their own business, and Brooke’s favorite restaurants in Boston. Enjoy!