Joe Rinaldi: How are you grateful that you’re going blind?

Our next guest is Joe Rinaldi. He grew up in Westfield, NJ but now lives in Philadelphia, PA with his wife Michaela. They’re both Doctors of Physical Therapy, but that title doesn’t and won’t define who he is. He is Joe Rinaldi the human being and child of God. He is here to serve, love, encourage, inspire and leave the world a better place than he found it in everything that he does. Joe has a desire to make a true and positive impact on the people around him and that’s the contagious attitude that he wants to spread. To put things in perspective and give more context, I need to tell you one more thing. He is grateful to be going blind. What he has lost in sight, he has gained in vision.

We find out from Joe what is Best Disease and how he’s grateful to be going blind, why Bucknell was the right choice for his undergraduate experience, what was special about the brothers of Chi Phi, why he transferred to Rutgers – New Brunswick to complete his Exercise Science degree, his observations after being a physical therapist for 2.5 years, what is Project Endure and how he is going to help others, how Joe prepares for each week, how to build consistency with fitness, how important Michaela is to Joe’s story, and his favorite restaurants in Philadelphia. Enjoy!