Meghan Grace: How can we enhance the educational experience for Gen Z?

Our next guest, Dr. Meghan Grace, has a passion for helping others grow and developing sustainable strategies and solutions. She is a researcher, author, and consultant who helps individuals and organizations work more efficiently and effectively while using data to inform planning and decisions. Before coming to work for Plaid, Meghan served as the Director of Undergraduate Programming & University Partnership for Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity. She also has diverse campus-based experience working in leadership programs, event planning, course planning and curriculum development, and career development.

We find out why Meghan chose Chapman University for her undergraduate experience, what made Phi Sigma Sigma so special to her, more about the ATLAS Program at the University of Arizona, why Sigma Phi Epsilon’s Balanced Man Program has been so successful, understanding more about the impacts of financial aid on student success, some of the work Meghan is doing with Plaid, how we can enhance the educational experience for Gen Z, how we can develop Gen Z leadership capacity, and what mistakes are being made by Gen Z in recruitment and retention. We also find out Meghan’s favorite restaurants in Nashville. Enjoy!