Brian Tenclinger: Why should everyone have a personal board of directors?

Our next guest, Brian Tenclinger, is a dynamic non-profit association executive and senior level higher education practitioner. He’s the former executive director of Triangle fraternity noted for growing the organization by 61% and creating signature education programs for undergraduates. He’s also got 15 years of experience working in higher education administration as a director and assistant dean with extensive experience in strategic planning, project management, talent management, organizational assessment and auditing, market trend and data analysis, fundraising, organization growth, volunteer recruitment, and risk and harm assessment.

We find out why Brian chose Northern Illinois for his undergraduate experience, why he joined Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia and how they are different from other fraternities, what makes Sigma Phi Epsilon so special, how he was able to grow Triangle Fraternity by 60%, what things you should consider when you change fraternity/sorority branding, how chapters of fraternities and sororities can grow during the pandemic, whether fraternities and sororities are still staying true to their mission, what he’s doing to help grow Kiwanis, why everyone should have a personal board of directors, and his favorite restaurant in Indianapolis. Enjoy!