Eric Erenstoft: What is Conscious Intelligence?

Our next guest, Eric Erenstoft, is CEO of E3 Capital Partners and, is a former Disney Exec, Entrepreneur, 1st Responder, Competitive Roughwater Swimmer, Adventurer, and GenXer. He is a Southern California native and has worked in and called six different countries home. Eric Erenstoft is a prolific Author, Keynote Speaker and expert applying the principles of Conscious Intelligence® on Peak Performance, Catalytic Leadership, Entrepreneurism, Empowerment, Mindset, & Women In Business. Along the way and always, he has weaved adventure travel, being a decorated, competitive ocean swimmer, vinyasa yoga, aerial and martial artist, employ as a 1st Responder with the LA County Fire Department– into the fabric of his adrenaline laden life. Yes, he is quite familiar and comfortable in dynamic, high pressure environments.

In episode number 177 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Eric chose Pepperdine University for his undergraduate experience, what made SigEp the right choice for him, what it was like working for Yahoo during the dotcom boom, what he did for the Walt Disney Company, what is Conscious Intelligence, what we should be doing when we experience fear, how we can invite others to experience our world, how we can get out of the divisiveness in our world, and what students will learn from Eric’s programs. Enjoy!