Nick DeStefano: Can we offer everyone the opportunity to serve and positively impact others?

Welcome to episode #117 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast! Today we have with us leadership and resilience speaker Nick DeStefano! As the founder of DeStefano Leadership LLC, he teaches college student leaders HOW to embrace the suck of pain and fear so they can live resiliently and start Chasing the Awesome Life. If student leaders want to avoid burnout they need to learn the practical tools required to have difficult conversations, develop confidence, and make leadership a priority regardless of position. Nick brings infectious energy, hope and passion to everything he does!

We find out why Nick decided on College Misericordia in Dallas, Pennsylvania, why CrossFit is so beneficial, why Coastal Carolina University is such a great community to work for, how being stressed and stretched thin can be a good thing, how we can offer everyone the opportunity to serve and positively impact others, how organizations discover their own issues or blind spots, advice for Freshmen to thrive at college, what are SMART and DUMB goals, what is chasing the awesome life, and Nick’s favorite places to eat in Conway, South Carolina.