Glen Dunzweiler: What solutions did you find for homelessness?

Our next guest is Glen Dunzweiler. He tells stories, and helps people to tell stories. Glen is a filmmaker who tells inspirational stories, a producer who makes things happen, and an entrepreneur who succeeds by helping others to succeed. The stories he tells are typically on business, super poverty, success, community, and capitalism.

In episode number 183 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Glen chose CSU Sacramento for his undergraduate experience, what is Toastmasters and how can students get involved locally, what it’s like working with college students on production design/filmmaking, what solutions he found for homelessness by learning about the problem through his feature length documentary on homelessness that was released on Amazon Prime, why entrepreneurial skills are going to be important for today’s students, what presenter tools can students use to make a greater impact on their audience, why we need a video coach, and advice for people that want to turn their passion into a living. Enjoy!