Cynthia Padilla-Pearson: How do we resolve conflict and build empathy in student organizations?

Cynthia Padilla-Pearson is a career victims’ rights advocate and certified trauma specialist with 12 years in court systems supporting trauma victims and developing trauma-informed programs. She has thousands of hours experience in mediation practice, providing victim services, law enforcement training, and community-based program development. Cynthia runs Trauma & Conflict Consulting in Atlanta, Georgia. They focus on making the maximum positive effort for their community. Their members and clients provide the momentum that helps affect change. Using data driven models, they provide solutions that make a long-lasting difference through planning, training, speaking, and coaching. She is also a member of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc.

In episode number 182 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Cynthia chose Georgia State University, how she became a Senior Victim Advocate at the Fulton County DA’s Office, what is the Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation, who are her customers at Trauma and Conflict Consulting LLC, why some people are more likely than others to be victims of a crime, what steps a community can take after a traumatic situation impacts a wide scope of people, how a good understanding social work protocols help social workers as well as their clients, how we can resolve conflict in our student organizations, how we can build more empathy on college campuses, and Cynthia’s favorite restaurants in Atlanta. Enjoy!