John H. Brennan: What is Emotional Intelligence, and why is that important for college students?

Today we have with us John H. Brennan, an Accomplished Speaker, Author, Successful Actor, Facilitator, and Corporate Trainer. Born in Montreal, Canada, he is a dual citizen (US) and speaks fluent French. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in business and communication, he co-founded a small production company that produced live shows, events, and videos.

An acting opportunity led to a twenty-year journey, including fifty-plus commercials, travel throughout North America doing business theatre, and hosting Fortune 500 events. He has performed musical theatre on some of the best stages in the United States and Canada, was a contract player on the soap opera, Another World, and has been in multiple movies, guest star roles on celebrated television shows, and had his own television series playing the lead, Corporal Clive Bennett, on Bordertown. Today he is an accomplished speaker who is a board member of the National Speakers Association (NSA) LA Chapter, a Distinguished Toastmaster, a certified virtual speaker, and a certified trainer for Positive Coaching Alliance.

We find out why John chose Concordia University for his undergraduate experience, why he decided to join Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, what he thought about his son joining TKE at UCSD, what his favorite role to play was, his biggest customer service lesson from Disney, Ritz Carlton, and Nordstrom, what is Emotional Intelligence and why it’s important for college students, how we can increase customer loyalty, how we can improve retention in our organizations, and John’s favorite restaurant in Los Angeles. Enjoy!