Britt Turpack: How can college students develop their own coping strategies for stress?

xTrained in mindfulness-based stress reduction at Brown University, certified in yoga instruction and carrying a background of work with hundreds of individuals across the world, Britt Turpack draws not only from personal experience but years of mental health research. Her goal? To bring her infectious spirit to audiences everywhere and reveal her powerful three steps to managing daily challenges, reducing work-based stress, and boosting success. She’s a mental health advocate, educator, and a TEDx speaker.

In episode number 180, we find out why Britt chose Pepperdine University for her undergraduate degree, what made Delta Gamma home for her, why she’s so passionate about bringing Yoga into schools, what are the 5 Principles of Purpose, what is NAMI and what does Britt do there, how college students can develop their own coping strategies for stress, warning signs in other students, how to get someone the help they need, what resources are available in your community, and the best restaurant in Santa Monica. Enjoy!