Britt Tucker: How can students find their purpose and start to live their best life?

Britt Tucker lives in Nashville, eat Chick-fil-A like it’s her last meal and is the biggest nerd with a lot of freakin’ energy. She’s the All-American girl who grew up checking society’s boxes…only to find herself unfulfilled. Even after all the awards and praise from others as she attained the cookie cutter lifestyle, she found herself with a deep yearning and realization that there had to be more. So, she quit her corporate job (gasp), traveled the world (12+ islands), read tons of books and began her journey of self development. In the process, she uncovered the voice and light that God had given her but she was too busy following a “checklist” to discover them. She is still on the path of fully stepping into the woman she was created to be, but she is enjoying every step of the way!

In episode number 179 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Britt chose Auburn over University of Georgia, what it was like being a cheerleader at Auburn, what she learned once she began a journey of self development, how people can find their purpose and start to live their best life, how students can decrease stress, how college students can engage in goal setting and action lists now to help them achieve their career goals, how Britt was able to overcome her fears as an entrepreneur, and what her new book to be released in 2022 is all about. We even learn her favorite restaurants in Nashville. Enjoy!