MichelJoy DelRe: What should college students do with a business idea on a shoestring budget?

Our next guest, MichelJoy DelRe, now President of New Century Productions, Inc., has consulted and coached in more than 20,000 individual sessions with CEOs, Executive Directors, and Entrepreneurs. She has the expertise to take a startup to their first million and beyond. Her coaching provides CEOs a space of confidentiality and integrity, in which they produce more with grace and ease. Clients take their business on as a game in life…and have more aliveness and joy.

We find out why CSU Long Beach was the right place for MichelJoy, why small business owners need a mindset of abundance, how we shift from “hoping” to eliminate stress in our busy lives to “knowing” stress can be transformational and leading to success, why it’s important to ask the question, “What does having-it-all mean for you?”, why people need a coach, advice for college students with a business idea and a shoestring budget, why students should dream big, why it helps to use a vision board, why it helps to write down your future goals, and the best place for food in Laguna Hills, California. Enjoy!

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oI9TRBOPj9A