Dr. Jennifer Edwards: Should college students consider financial and retirement planning?

Dr. Jennifer Edwards is the Founder of Savvy Financial Wellness™, a woman of faith, wife, mother of two tiny co-workers, and outdoor enthusiast. She has enjoyed being an Amazon best-selling author, Grow With Google Co-Host, and a TEDx speaker to share her mission to empower women. What is she here to do? She is a sociomedical scientist by trade and has managed multi-million dollar budgets. She reached a time where she wanted to share her financial lessons as a leader with her community, women, and moms. She now gets to encourage you to focus on clarity, purpose, and wellness on the journey to personal and financial freedom.

In episode 334 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Jennifer decided on Florida A&M for her undergraduate experience, what made her want to pursue a Ph.D. at Howard University, why the topic of financial and retirement planning is so important to her, whether financial and retirement planning is something college students should be concerned about, how college students can free themselves from the guilt of feeling financially insecure, what college students would learn in her course called “Financial Wellness Academy”, strategies for the students that want to start and grow their own organization, how to secure long-term savings growth by starting good habits today, and whether college students should think about life insurance and disability insurance. Enjoy!