Naimah Bhuruku: How do we create an inclusive culture in our organization?

Naimah Bhuruku is a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) practitioner. As a trained facilitator, she guides individuals as they navigate uncertainty through empathy filled empowerment. Naimah facilitates crucial conversations & curates brave spaces for engagement. She amplify the voices of others so they can feel seen/heard thus experiencing true belonging. This is Naimah’s leadership purpose. Naimah champions young and developing professionals who seek to ascend in their careers and life; empowering them to channel their talents and passion with fierce focus. She curates experiences that connect people with resources. She also spotlights hidden figures to aid in illuminating their path so that they shine.

In episode 333 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out about Naimah’s journey of seeking to belong and how that led to understanding the value of empath, why the University of Maryland was the right choice for her, how she later got into procurement work, the types of projects she works on as a Diversity/Inclusion specialist at NASA, the harm that HB 999 in Florida would cause if it passes, what students can do to fight against HB 999, how we can create an inclusive culture in our organization, how college students can build resiliency, and why self-awareness is the key to career success. Enjoy!