Greg Vogt: What should you say and do if someone you care about has a mental health need?

We interview Greg Vogt, one of the newest speakers at Greek University. He has already been speaking for Active Minds, and now he’s looking forward to sharing his story with your fraternity and sorority students as well. In his raw and transformational speeches, Greg unfolds his journey from living a typical childhood to battling depression, suicide attempts, and spending a year in a mental health treatment center. A story of personal recovery and healing, Greg faces unexpected external obstacles when he experiences the tragic loss of his favorite high school teacher by suicide, and then of one of his best college friends in a car accident. Greg graduated from The University of Arizona in 2017 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. During his time as a student, Greg spent nearly two and a half years writing and publishing a book. A self-help memoir, “The Battle Against Yourself,” was written with the mission to help students who are struggling to find hope, identity, and fulfillment.

We talk about his time in a mental health treatment center, how he made the decision to attend the University of Arizona, why Kappa Alpha Order is so important to him, what he learned about himself by writing the book, his faith in God, the correlation between positive relationships and mental health, where students can go to get the mental health care they need, ways to reduce anxiety in college, 3 practical ways to help someone with a mental health need, and his favorite restaurants in Sacramento. Enjoy!