Colleen Ryan-Hensley: What is #BingingSober and how does it help you?

Colleen Ryan-Hensley is a 10-year Navy Veteran, Sexual Assault Survivor, Mental Health Expert, and Founder of #BingingSober, a rewards-based system that enables people to develop steps, habits, and beliefs that impact their vitality. Colleen struggled with depression, alcohol abuse, and intermittent suicidal thoughts for over 20 years before she tamed her brain and turned her fight into her greatest asset. She champions for proactive mental health, and optimal wellness from a place of knowing the ways in which living with depression can be an extraordinarily rich experience when you know how.

In episode 351 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out how her grandfather (Navy veteran of World War II and Korea) influenced her life, why she had an ongoing trend of drinking and depression as a teenager, what happened when she was assaulted in the Navy by two sailors that she trusted, how being sober and running helped, what she learned tending a garden in Ireland, how her life changed when she met Jeff with three small children, what it was like to be a full time caregiver for her father-in-law, how #BingingSober works (the World’s First Point System For Vitality), and her advice for living with depression and having extraordinarily rich experiences in life. Enjoy!