Colin Nelson-Pinkston: How do we engage/retain our current membership in Fraternity/Sorority Life?

Today we have with us Colin Nelson-Pinkston. Throughout his professional and volunteer experiences, Colin has worked with fraternity and sorority members on 60 campuses across North America. In his most recent professional role, he served as the fraternity and sorority advisor at Sewanee: The University of the South, advising 12 national and 10 local organizations. Colin joined the TechniPhi team as an Account Executive in June of 2021. He earned his BA in Spanish and International Studies from the University of Iowa where he joined his fraternity, Lambda Chi Alpha. Following his undergraduate experience, Colin spent time working for his fraternity before attending graduate school at Southern Methodist University where he earned his M.Ed. in Higher Education Administration.

In episode number 190 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Colin chose the University of Iowa for his undergraduate experience, what was special about Lambda Chi Alpha, what it was like working as an Educational Leadership Consultant for headquarters, what he’s most proud of from his time as Coordinator for FSL at The University of the South, what products and services are being offered at PhiredUp and TechniPhi, recruitment advice to chapters that are stagnant or have decreasing chapter size, how we can engage and retain our current membership in fraternity/sorority life, interesting data that our undergraduates should be paying attention to, and Colin’s favorite restaurants in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Enjoy!