Dr. Robb Kelly: What are the signs of alcohol and drug addiction on your college campus?

Today we have with us Dr. Robb Kelly. There was a moment that Dr. Kelly refers to as his, “Ah-Ha” moment, and he realized that his own addiction problem was not the alcohol, but how he thought about the alcohol. Dr. Kelly would RECOVER from his disease. Living as a RECOVERED alcoholic, he made it his mission and life purpose to help other chronic addicts and alcoholics recover. Dr. Kelly has witnessed the miracle of recovery – he has worked with over five thousand addicts and alcoholics, who appeared just as desperate and hopeless as he did, and he has helped lead them to the solution of permanent recovery. His personal slogan, “Step out of the disease, and into the Solution” was created from his own philosophy of recovery.

Dr. Robb tells us about his time as a session player, singer songwriter, and producer at Abbey Road Studios in London where he had a chance to play with Elton John, Queen, and David Bowie, what it was like going to school in Oxford for his PhD, how he eventually succumbed to addiction and mental health issues and ended up homeless, what are the signs of alcohol and drug addiction in fraternity and sorority chapters, what are three core concepts that keep most addicts and alcoholics rooted in their disease, what he looks for as he studies the disease and watches for changes, how he helps students with stress management, how he helps students overcome eating disorders, and his favorite restaurants in San Antonio. There are great stories in here about Dr. Robb’s encounters with Elton John and Gordon Ramsey. Enjoy!

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPD5zWuxjyI