Rob Tillman: What are some tools college students can use to ace their job interview?

Our next guest is the founder of UNignorable! Rob Tillman strategically positions and empowers you to confidently reach goals and finally earn what you deserve. Over two decades, he has advanced to become an executive at almost billion-dollar company, securing his family’s financial future. He spearheaded $227M+ in annual sales growth, $9M+ in savings, and grew businesses in US and in Mexico, China, Germany UK, and France. He trained over 1,800 people, created opportunities for thousands, and advance careers and double earnings. He can’t wait to hear YOUR story.

In episode number 255 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why he chose Oklahoma State University, what was special about Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated, how you can get promoted even if you’re an introvert, how to put your value into words on LinkedIn, what you should do if others take credit for your work, whether it makes sense to quit your job in order to get better pay, what tools students can use to ace their job interview, and how students should be planning their finances in light of the inflationary period we are experiencing right now.