Charles A. Chadwick Jr.: How did you cut 40% of your college expenses & are now debt free?

Our next guest is Charles A. Chadwick Jr.! He is unique. He cut his college expenses by 40%, paid for two degrees, and he is now debt free. Guess what? He is more successful with a set of skills he learned for free in the trade industry. He shows why learning a trade is beneficial. He teaches people how they can financially survive and thrive in challenging economic times. Charles believes that today’s generation needs to adopt a duality mentality for the economy, where they can be marketable even in a pandemic.

In episode 256 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out how Charles was able to pay for his college education without external financial assistance, what are the strategies he used to cut his college expenses, what is the importance of learning a trade, whether a $15 minimum wage is a good idea or not, how to decide if a trade school or college is a better fit, how to pick the right major so you can actually pay back your college debt, why everyone should travel more, and the lessons that Charles learned during the pandemic. Enjoy!