Jennifer Gershberg: Why and how should we develop meaningful relationships with our professors?

Jennifer Gershberg is a powerful and dynamic speaker who has given talks for numerous schools, scholarly and industry conferences, student organizations, Greek chapters, and Panhellenic Associations.  She has participated as a guest on several podcasts and on speaker panels concerning various topics critical to students.  Audience members have called Jennifer “extremely motivating,” “direct,” “highly empathic,” and “incredibly bright and engaging.”

In her talks, she inspires students to improve their confidence through developing core competencies that are lacking in most students.  She covers topics such as time management, study strategies, achieving authentic confidence through competence, best approaches to essay/paper writing, professional communication and networking skills, student/faculty relationship building, and adaptability.  She is a highly engaging and entertaining speaker, connecting naturally with her audience.  

In episode 367 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why she decided on Cornell University for her undergraduate experience, why Tri Delta was the right sorority for her, why she wanted to attend The George Washington University Law School after graduation, why ethics are so important in today’s business world, how (and why) we should develop relationships with our professors, how we can get better time management skills in college, what we should look for in terms of internships and professional opportunities while in college, and how we should we take our fraternity/sorority experience and make that translate on a resume for the professional world. Enjoy!