Dr. Shaan Patel: How did Shark Tank and Mark Cuban help to propel your business?

In high school, Shaan Patel was like most kids. He was a good student who got As and Bs. However, he was a poor standardized test-taker. Shaan had a lot of test anxiety, had no idea how to prepare for standardized exams, and received only an average score on his first SAT.After spending hundreds of hours studying for the SAT in high school, Shaan raised his SAT score 640 points from average to perfect. Only 0.02% of all high school students achieve a perfect SAT score. Shaan’s perfect SAT score completely changed his life! He received admission to top universities and over $500,000 in college scholarships. Now, Dr. Shaan Patel has created Prep Expert to help high school students achieve their own dreams. Prep Expert has helped more than 100,000 students improve their SAT and ACT scores, get into top colleges, and win over $100 million in scholarships. Prep Expert offers online SAT and ACT courses, academic tutoring, and college admissions consulting. Dr. Shaan Patel completed his Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree at the University of Southern California, Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Yale University, Medical Degree (MD) at the University of Southern California, and dermatology residency at Temple University Hospital. Dr. Shaan Patel is the Founder and CEO of Prep Expert. On ABC’s Shark Tank, he closed a deal with Mark Cuban for an investment in Prep Expert. Dr. Patel is also a board-certified dermatologist who practices teledermatology.

In episode 443 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out how Shaan was able to boost his SAT score to a perfect score, why he chose to go to school at USC, how he was able to get Prep Expert onto Shark Tank, how Mark Cuban was able to help him propel his business after the show aired, what is the business secret to reaching over 100,000 clients, why so many colleges are reinstating their standardized test requirements after getting rid of it years ago, what are some tips for college students reduce their costs and debt, what was the Entrepreneurship Panel Shaan co-hosted to help underprivileged youth in Chicago, and whether he’s still practicing as a dermatologist like he said he would on Shark Tank. Enjoy! 

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2qB9SU28kg