Mike Vasquez: How are we going to finally solve the opioid crisis?

Mike Vasquez’ own mother was a victim of the opioid crisis in 1961 and struggled with addiction for the rest of her life. Mike started a business that helped thousands of opioid-addicted patients successfully detox. Mike also: – Filed the first prevention patent in the opioid crisis – Has been named to the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Hall of Fame – Received the National US Chamber of Commerce Blue Chip Enterprise Award – Developed the first electronic medical record system with AI to go public on the NASDAQ – Has been endorsed by a former US “Drug Czar” and former DEA Head, he has saved large, self-insured employers millions of dollars a year in healthcare costs and liabilities and saved lives in the process.

In episode 442 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out what made him want to join Kappa Sigma at the University of Iowa, why he transferred to Drake University, what it was like to go public on NASDAQ, how college students can take a more active role in alcohol/drug abuse prevention, what made him and his wife build opioid detox programs, how artificial intelligence (AI) is a promising and transformative tool for preventing drug abuse, what you should consider if a doctor wants to prescribe a painkiller for you, how 42 States will spend $26.0B over the next 18 years for the opioid crisis, what is the missed opportunity in the 70% of people in America’s jails (12.0M every year) that would be assessed as addicted, and how we are going to finally solve the opioid crisis. 

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4rfw880BcM