Mike Hassell: What’s the best way to manage conflict in fraternity or sorority chapters?

Mike Hassell is educated formally as an engineer (Georgia Tech BEE), humanist (Vanderbilt Master Liberal Arts & Sciences), and executive (Harvard MBA), Mike Hassell is a Renaissance man and a brother of FIJI, reflecting on the fruits from 50 years of curiosity and various pursuits in science, history, psychology, and philosophy. Mike co-founded and managed Knowledge Products, an audio publisher (1985-1998) of 140+ titles on the great ideas of history. During the next 20 years as a senior executive in startup/early businesses, Mike’s main hobby was reading widely in non-fiction – accumulating yet more ideas and resources to fold into the book called Deep Tradeoffs. Deep Tradeoffs packs in 315 quotes, from Aristotle to Stevie Wonder, in 200 pages. By thematically connecting these chunks of wisdom in a thoughtful, probing, conversational overview, Mike illuminates eternally conflicting values and truths. He shows how they’ve been conflicting for millennia — and underlie today’s raging culture wars.

In episode 444 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Mike chose Georgia Tech, why he decided to join FIJI, how he knows which business ideas are good ones that are worth funding, what made him want to write the book “Deep Tradeoffs: Finding Balance and Respect In A Polarized, Angry World”, when should we confront vs. accept, is it ‘idealistic’ to be earnestly optimistic or ‘realistic’ to be cynical and pessimistic, when is deception necessary, and what is the best way to manage conflict in our fraternity or sorority chapters. Enjoy!

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGRKLJreXnA