David Westol: What are the unorthodox ways of evaluating fraternity and sorority chapters?

Welcome to episode #80 of Fraternity Foodie! We interview David Westol, an alumnus of Michigan State University and the Detroit College of Law, he has an extensive and impressive background in fraternity/sorority life and specializes in risk and crisis prevention/management and interventions. He has made more than 6,000 presentations regarding hazing, risk management, motivation, values, ideals, and leadership on over 510 campuses and at over 370 national men’s and women’s fraternity and sorority events.

We find out why he went to Michigan State for his undergraduate experience, the funny story on why he went with Theta Chi Fraternity, how law school and being a prosecutor helps him with college fraternities and sororities, the legacy he leaves at Theta Chi, what is Limberlost, how he evaluates chapters, what a good orientation with a National Board of Directors focuses on, how he encourages candor and honesty during membership reviews, his legacy to all fraternities and sororities, why he loves being a football official and referee, and his favorite spots to eat in Carmel, Indiana. Enjoy! Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dTbQPyxhlo