Tina VanSteenbergen: How can we create a sorority experience that every woman wants and deserves?

Welcome to episode # 79 of Fraternity Foodie! All of our listeners want to hear from my next guest, Tina VanSteenbergen. Tina speaks on college campuses all over the country and she tears down the house. Tina knows that women need women, to be successful, to feel understood, to feel less alone. Tina gives women permission to open up, have honest conversations, and connect.

We find out why Tina selected Hamline (pronounced Hamlin) University in Saint Paul, how grad school was different, how she became a sister of Alpha Gamma Delta, how working for PhiredUp shaped her career, how women can have honest conversations and authentic connections with other women, how we can create a sorority experience that every woman wants and deserves, how we can promote positive body image for women, how we can do recruitment well without in-person events, and why choosing empathy could serve our leaders well. You will love this interview – guaranteed! Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ow2NWuCZiU