Fraternity Foodie: Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas

Backporch Drafthouse

The Great Divide seems to be getting wider. This applies to almost everything today. We certainly could be talking about politics and the current government shut down, but we can also be talking about the strong feelings between University administrators, the fraternity/sorority headquarters, community leaders, parents, alumni, and the undergraduate students themselves. It is understandable given the consequences that we have seen in the media. At times we might isolate ourselves and remove opportunities to have open discussions, perhaps by eliminating friends on social media that disagree with us or only sitting next to other “like minded” people in our professional circle at conferences. In order to solve this or any other problem, we need to continue to have open conversations – and often.

What unites us is stronger than what divides us. Ultimately, it’s about the students. Our fraternities and sororities have built in leadership qualities and the values that will endure the test of time. The Greek undergraduate students that I meet with and interact with on every week on campuses all over the country want to improve the safety concerns on their college campuses and want to eliminate the negative stereotypes that all too often surround Greek Life. They are ready for positive change.

Over the last five years of working with campus administrators, alumni, and the undergraduate students, I have come to one conclusion. While we might have differing opinions at times on what the solution might be, we can all agree on food. Food gets us talking again. It’s something we all look forward to. Food removes the barriers, it energizes us, and it allows for open discussion between stakeholders to solve just about any problems that we might be facing together. I’m going to document the great local food that I eat at each location so you can try it on your next visit, spotlight some of the people I meet along the way, and update you on the conversations we are having on the road. It is all an effort to bring people together.

Thank you to the Greeks at Midwestern State University. Our deep conversations on Strategies for Managerial Excellence, Officer Transition Workshop, and Motivation in Student Organizations were all meaningful, important, and relevant. Thank you so much for the coffee mug and Maverick the Mustang. I’ll be sure to include Maverick on all of my future travels and I’ll document his journey from this day forward. I can’t wait until our next opportunity together!

After our productive work in Wichita Falls, Texas, I of course needed to stop for dinner and take in some of the local flavors. One of the heavily recommended local spots is called Backporch Drafthouse (4214 Kell W Blvd, Wichita Falls, TX). There is a large bar in the center, television screens with live sports, and an excellent American food menu with super friendly staff. After trying to decide between two burgers, my waitress recommended The Kraken. The menu describes it as a “Black pepper crusted patty with a Shiner Bock marinade, bacon, sharp cheddar cheese, fried onion ring, chipotle BBQ with secret sauce.” With french fries, it all costs less than $12. As a famous wise man (Ron Browne, Central Michigan Sigma Pi Alumnus) once said, “You had me at Shiner Bock”. It was absolutely incredible. The hamburger was perfectly done with an almost crispy texture of the black pepper crust. Two big pieces of bacon were crossed on the top of the burger with a delicious onion ring that was so large that I had to consume it separately to have any chance at eating this piled high sandwich. Whatever was in the chipotle BBQ and secret sauce was extremely tasty. Whatever sauce that spilled over the burger was quickly finished along with the fries below. This is a must stop destination whenever you’re in Wichita Falls!


Chi Omega at Midwestern State University



Kappa Sigma at Midwestern State University



Kappa Alpha at Midwestern State University



Kappa Delta Chi at Midwestern State University



Sigma Nu at Midwestern State University



Delta Sigma Theta at Midwestern State University



Alpha Phi at Midwestern State University

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