Rob Dubin: What did you learn about happiness and where personal growth comes from?

Rob Dubin is an international keynote speaker and Amazon #1 Best Selling author on happiness and employee engagement. His TEDx talk on Happiness has been viewed over 250K times. Rob was an award winning filmmaker who traveled the world making TV programs and commercials for Fortune 500 companies. He is also a serial entrepreneur who created multiple 7 figure businesses. After a near death survival experience that would have sidelined most, Rob bounced back more resilient than ever. At the age of 42 he and his wife sold their home, moved onto a 40’ sailboat, and spent the next 17 years sailing around the world studying human happiness and fulfillment. Given the ever changing nature of life at sea Rob learned first hand the key traits of resilience. Today Rob gives back by teaching courses in resilient leadership and employee happiness which increase engagement and reduce burnout. In episode 439 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out how he and his wife survived a snow storm for days while missing in Aspen, Colorado with no tent or sleeping bag, how being happy in his subconscious mind ultimately saved his wife’s fingers and feet, what he learned about happiness and personal growth by sailing around the world for 17 years, why visualization is so important, how we can rewrite the stories of our past failures, how to overcome fear, what is his advice in retaining our members or employees, and how to balance business success with personal fulfillment. Enjoy!