Shameeka Baptist: What are some things college students can do to find their strength within?

Our next guest is Shameeka Baptist. She is the author and inspirational speaker behind “The Strength Within”. She is a young woman that grew up in the foster care system who defied the odds. Today, she shares her journey of resilience with others. Her hope is that it provides others the courage and strength to keep fighting and to persevere, because The Strength Within is what will carry you through. Shameeka believes that your past does not define your present or your future, and that God has a purpose for you.

In episode 387 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out more about Shameeka’s childhood as she grew up in the foster care system, how college students can figure out what their purpose and destiny in life actually is, ways college students can find their strength within, what is cognitive reframing to shift your mindset, how we can build more confidence in ourselves, examples of positive affirmations and how it can help us, what role religion plays in Shameeka’s life, advice for other foster care children that might be struggling, and what Shameeka plans to work on next. Enjoy!