Nicole Byars: How did trauma informed yoga become your lifeline?

Nicole Byars is the founder of Honest Yoga. She’s a struggling overachiever turned yoga educator and studio owner. Not to be dramatic or anything – but yoga saved her life. If we rewind a decade you would find her struggling with an eating disorder while balancing first-time motherhood and an unhappy marriage. Yoga was ultimately what got Nicole through that challenging time. She ended up getting her teaching certification, started training other teachers, and built Honest Yoga to be a space for all of us to heal, evolve, grow, and thrive together.

In episode 386 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Nicole chose Arizona State University, what was happening in her life when she was admitted to an eating disorder treatment center in 2007, how trauma informed yoga become her lifeline, what are some ways to slow down and be present, do only flexible people do yoga, are the more difficult yoga positions are better for you, how can you practice yoga while folding laundry, and what are some of the problems with the yoga industry. Enjoy!