Jean Adam: How did you create your own documentary film that we can all stream today?

Jean Rollens Adam Jr. is an independent filmmaker who has recently released his first documentary film called “Finding Betty”. A new face in the world of fighting injustice, Jean’s passion for the case of Betty Wilson knows no bounds.

In episode 319 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Jean chose Albright College for his undergraduate experience, how he started breakdancing with the Skandolous Crew of Albright College, what it was like to be a rapper with The Peanut Gallery and Party of 5IVE, how his experience has been with the US Army now for over 8 years and serving as squad leader responsible for 9 soldiers, how you go about executing the film development and production if someone has an idea they want to bring to streaming platforms like Tubi or Amazon Prime, more about the film “Finding Betty” and the case of Betty Wilson, how our listeners can help get freedom for Betty, whether Jean questions the integrity of the justice system today, and ideas of other independent films that Jean wants to start working on in 2023. Enjoy!