Sara Ting: How do we go from the pain of discrimination to forgiveness?

Sara Ting is a diversity and inclusion trainer, innovator, visionary, speaker and author working in D & I since 1985. She shares bold, innovative ideas that are enlightening, empowering, transformative and sustainable. Her clients served include public schools, colleges, police department, housing authorities and health care providers. Sara is the founder and president of World Unity, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to make an enduring contribution to the elimination of all forms of prejudice, bias and discrimination. They believe this can be achieved with the construction of a permanent landmark showcasing the Sun poem that reads as follows: Are you greater than the sun/that shines on everyone: Black, Brown, Yellow, Red and White/ the sun does not discriminate ©. Sara was a TV Reporter for a major NBC affiliate, freelance TV reporter covering issues that impacted the Asian American communities for ten years, and has been a radio talk show host and producer for four years.

In episode 336 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Sara decided on Boston University for her undergraduate experience, how The Sun Poem came about, how it turned into a huge public service campaign, how we can go from pain in discrimination to forgiveness, how bias influences our career paths in life, how do we empower college students to understand and value diversity in their organizations, how we can create a culture of belonging in our organization, how college students can improve their communication skills, and more about Sara’s book series called “Small Book With a Big Idea”. Enjoy!