Zach Westerbeck: What is a Certified Mental Health First Aid Professional and how has it helped you?

There are so many exciting things happening with Zach Westerbeck as he speaks on college campuses all over the country, so we decided to catch up with him again on Fraternity Foodie to see what’s new! Zach tells us about the issues he is seeing with the students regarding their mental health when he speaks on college campuses like UC San Diego, Penn State, and Georgia Tech, the student takeaways, the feedback he gets from the students after the presentation, how being a Sigma Chi fraternity member has helped him in this process, how being a Certified Mental Health First Aid has helped him as a speaker and advocate, how he is able to manage stress every day, the support he gets from his soon to be wife Kate, the new book he wrote that is coming out in the spring, and his favorite restaurant in Costa Mesa that literally made him hungry while he was on camera. Enjoy.