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Check out our latest travels (and food choices) at University cities all across North America!

Edson O’Neale: What is stepping and strolling?

Check out my interview with Edson O’Neale, the Director of Student Activities at Saint Leo University in Florida! We talk about why he chose Saint Leo for his undergraduate degree, why he joined Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, how to get membership for life, his Master’s Degree from Nova Southeastern, his role and responsibilities as the Director of Student Activities, how to get develop open and honest relationships with students, his program on the education of Divine 9 and Multicultural Greeks, what is stepping/strolling, his program called “You Be The Letters”, and his favorite food spots in Saint Leo. Enjoy! Link:

Christy Brooks: How to help someone with an eating disorder, self harm, thoughts of suicide

Check out my interview today with Christy Brooks, Director of LIVEmpowered, an organization that focuses on helping young people with their struggle with self esteem and identity to prevention depression, self injury, eating disorders, substance abuse, and bullying. We talk about her own experiences growing up, starting her nonprofit in 2013, the cause of suicide and warning signs, alternative coping strategies for self harm, eating disorders and how we can help someone experiencing them, cyber bullying, self-care for administrators/professionals, and having open/honest conversations with our kids. Another do not miss episode. Link:

Interview with Joe Rosenberg, Executive Director of Kappa Delta Rho

Check out my interview today with Joe Rosenberg, the Executive Director of Kappa Delta Rho Fraternity! We talk about why he chose KDR at Temple University, his experience working in higher education, why he went back to school at IUP for his Doctorate, online new member education, the Strategic Plan for the Fraternity, membership growth, collecting accounts receivables from chapters, the types of people on the Board of Directors for KDR, risk management for the fraternity, Joe’s legacy at KDR and the greater fraternal community, and his favorite food spots in Philadelphia! You don’t want to miss this. Link:

Interview with Joseph Rios, Ed.D. on Leadership

Check out my 18th episode of Fraternity Foodie with Joseph Rios, Ed.D.! We talk about the USC college admissions scandal, diverse memberships in #fraternity and #sorority, when it’s time to move on, chapter evaluation and assessment plans, the relevance of fraternity, what to say when you’re unemployed, navigating institutional politics, DISC assessments, and great food in Boston! Link: