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Chris DT Gordon: How does gratitude help students through their struggles and enable service?

Chris DT Gordon, a brother of Theta Chi Fraternity from the University of Michigan – Flint, recovered from necrotizing fasciitis (flesh-eating bacteria) and now speaks on “The Attitude of Gratitude” and “Pass on Perfection, and Go For Greatness” to inspire and motivate others! In episode #128​ of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Chris chose the University of Michigan – Flint, why Theta Chi was the right fraternity, what motivated his choice to teach special ed for an online public school, how necrotizing fasciitis (flesh-eating bacteria) impacts his life today, how gratitude helps people through struggles and enables them to do more service, why chasing perfection is futile, the conversations Chris is having on his podcast called Scar Bearers, why he is so dedicated to Tae Kwon Do, and his favorite restaurant in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Area. Enjoy! Link:

Robert Alberts: What does a crisis management plan look like for chapters?

As the Coordinator Sr. for Res Life Student Assistance and Student Conduct at Northern Arizona University, Robert Alberts is going to tell you all about the three C’s on college campuses right now: Conduct, Care, and COVID-19. On episode # 127 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, Robert tells us why he chose Illinois State for his undergraduate experience, how his various experiences as an undergraduate shaped and directed his future career, what he’s working on now at Northern Arizona University, his volunteer roles as a chapter counselor and District Chief with Beta Theta Pi Fraternity, Delta Gamma’s Alcohol Skills Training, what a chapter needs to think about with their crisis management plan, the future of The Midwest Bisexual, Lesbian, Gay, Transgender and Ally College Conference, what a diversity and equity plan look like for a chapter, and his favorite food in Flagstaff, Arizona. Link:

Hannah Haulsee: How can students evaluate and elevate their chapter’s social media?

Hannah Haulsee from Delta Gamma’s Executive Offices is about to drop some social media knowledge on the Fraternity Foodie Podcast that will help any fraternity or sorority chapter social media efforts, including their councils as well. In episode # 126, Hannah tells us why she chose the University of Southern Mississippi, why Delta Gamma was the right place for her, what she does at the Executive Offices as Collegiate Development Consultant and Collegiate Recruitment Specialist, why she wrote the blogpost called “Evaluating and Elevating Your Chapter Social Media”, how chapters can evaluate their social media accounts, examples of stories we can share on our social media, why it’s important to avoid solo shots, what we should pay attention to in the captions, what quotes we should be getting from our members, how to get behind-the-scenes footage, and where Hannah likes to go for food in Columbus, Ohio. Enjoy! Link:

Raina Bradford-Jennings: How can chapters be more inclusive in their social media posts?

Raina Bradford-Jennings is a Marketing and Communications professional who is passionate about uncovering, understanding, and sharing the dynamic stories about her organization, the mission, and the people she serves, so she’s got GOLD for you in recommendations on how to be more inclusive with your chapter and council social media posts! In episode #125​ of the The Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Raina chose Carnegie Mellon, how she got the Superhero name “Highly Opinionated Girl”, why she believes that if anyone tells you that you’re too emotional you should ignore them, who was Casey Goodson Jr. and why his story is important, why she you wonders if she’ll ever achieve the bravery it takes to be authentically herself without worrying how she is perceived, why she gives back to Delta Gamma, why undergraduates should they should turn around, apologize, and learn from mistakes, the type of work Raina was engaged with at the Delta Gamma Executive Offices, how we can be more inclusive in our social media posts (as well as more accessible), and her favorite flavors of Lion Cubs Cookies. Enjoy!