Craig Gustafson: How do you have great conversations with people you meet for the first time?

For years, Craig Gustafson felt like he missed class the day they gave out the book of social grace. It seemed everyone had a rule book for successful social strategies – everyone but him. After decades of frustration he discovered the hidden science of why people act the way they do in social situations. Craig is a Body Language Trainer, certified by The Science of People. More simply, he is a People Skills coach – on a mission to help everyone thrive in social situations, because we all win when we have great interactions.

In episode 364 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out what Craig did in the US Navy for 26 years, when he first realized that he might have been missing some social skills that other people seemed to have already, whether there are any upsides to social awkwardness, what a body language trainer does, what are examples of body language cues that we might not already know about, what’s the difference between introverts, people with social awkwardness, and autism, what are some tips to overcome that social awkwardness, what is the key to having great conversations with people you meet for the first time, and when should people seek help for their social awkwardness. Enjoy!