CEO of Greek University receives proclamation from TN House of Representatives


On May 24, 2017, Michael Ayalon, CEO of Greek University, received a proclamation from the Tennessee House of Representatives for the work being done all over North America in working with fraternity and sorority members, as well as the local work being done by the Lebanon Rotary Club in the local community of Lebanon, Tennessee.

The proclamation was signed by Beth Harwell, Speaker of the House of Representatives. It reads:

Whereas, the members of this legislative body are proud to recognize those professionals whose influence on and participation in public service are of great import and whose expertise has set them apart from their peers; and

Whereas, Michael Ayalon is one such individual who will complete his term as the 2016 – 2017 president of the Lebanon Rotary Club on June 27, 2017; and

Whereas, a member of the Lebanon Rotary Club for two years, Michael Ayalon serves as chief executive officer of Greek University, a public speaking and education company for fraternities and sororities across North America; and

Whereas, the Lebanon Rotary Club is a local group of service-minded individuals who meet weekly for fellowship and to collaborate on service and volunteer projects throughout the year; and

Whereas, under Michael Ayalon’s leadership, the Lebanon Rotary Club received five awards from the Rotary All-Star Conference, at which event clubs from three states gather together to recognize the best clubs in the districts; and

Whereas, the Club won awards for an international project providing solar lights to South Africa, providing food for the needy through the Hunters for the Hungry program, sponsoring Lebanon High School students’ attendance at a Rotary Club conference in 2016, and bringing dictionaries to local third grade students; and

Whereas, a thriving service organization, the Lebanon Rotary Club added eleven (fourteen total after publication) new members to its roster during the past year, garnering two additional awards for membership growth; and

Whereas, an accomplished professional and a respected leader in his community, Michael Ayalon is a Tennessean of whom we can all be proud, and it is appropriate that the members of this legislative body recognize this esteemed public servant; now, therefore,

I, Beth Harwell, Speaker of the House of Representatives of the One Hundred Tenth General Assembly of the State of Tennessee, at the request of and in conjunction with Representative Mark Pody and Senator Mae Beavers, do hereby proclaim that we commend Michael Ayalon for his service to the good people of Lebanon and extend to him our best wishes for his continued success in all future endeavors.

Proclaimed in Nashville, Tennessee, on this the 24th day of May 2017.

Beth Harwell, Speaker of the House of Representatives