Kim DeYoung: How can today’s students overcome their fear of making the wrong choices?

Kim DeYoung is a seasoned consultant, choice coach, entrepreneur with a strong background in online marketing and retail merchandising with a proven track record of driving business growth through strategic thinking and meticulous implementation. As a choice coach, Kim specializes in supporting thought leaders, coaches, authors and teachers who have a powerful message to share with the world. She guides individuals in translating their brilliance from their minds to tangible creations, such as books, courses and impactful talks. Kim’s unique ability to extract and make sense of her clients’ brilliance empowers them to turn their ideas into reality.

In episode 371 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Kim chose the University of Michigan for her undergraduate experience, how college students can overcome their fear of making the wrong decision, what students can do to clarify their own values, how students can make unpopular decisions when they want to be well liked, how students can take ownership of their future, what advice Kim has for students who want to start their own company, what is choice mapping and why it’s important, whether we should ghost people if the relationship is not working out, and how we can reconnect with those who we’ve lost touch with over the years. Enjoy!