Ish Arteaga: How can college students make the most out of the college experience?

At his core, Ish Arteaga has the heart of a shepherd and wants to invite others to live their best life now! You’ll see his heart on display when speaking to an auditorium of thousands, facilitating a workshop for a group of 10, and in his evaluation of startups. Ish speaks regularly on how to ‘Enjoy College on Purpose,’ helping students make the most out of college. From finances and life management to Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, Ish’s approach to these topics connects with students and helps them think more meaningfully about these topics. Additionally, you’ll often find Ish with his wife around good food and good friends, at the gym, or growing in his expertise of comic book media.

In episode 370 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out what it was like being a first-generation college student in his family, why Ish decided on Dallas Christian College, what the university could have done to make his transition to college easier, what made him want to speak to college students, how college students can make the most out of the college experience, what ideas pop culture has communicated to us regarding DEI, how we can create a life that’s not all about money, how Ish evaluates different start-ups for investments, and how to motivate the people that you are leading on your team. Enjoy!