Sydney Newby: When will hazing end?

Our next guest is Sydney Newby, a Bowling Green State University sorority member who was honored with the first Stone Foltz memorial award for taking action against Greek Life hazing. Foltz was pledging to Pi Kappa Alpha at just 20 years old. Sydney says it’s a loss she never wants to see happen again, and she’s taken it upon herself to educate sorority members on campus.

On episode 239 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Sydney chose Bowling Green State University, what was special about the sisters of Sigma Kappa that made her want to join, what she and the students were experiencing when Stone Foltz (a BGSU student who passed away on March 7, 2021) died as a result of hazing, how Sydney was able to work through the loss of her Nana and Grandpa passing away and then focus on making a difference, what the hazing prevention workshops looked like when she was VP of Standards for Panhellenic, what the moment felt like when she was awarded the first Stone Foltz Community of Care Award, when hazing will end, how we can leverage social media to help us defeat hazing, effective replacement activities if we know hazing is happening in our chapter, and steps students should take if they see hazing happening on their campus.