Chris Shaver: Is there an owner’s manual for our relationships?

Today on the show we have with us Chris Shaver, a motivational psychology expert and creator of the Better Way to Relate Program. For 10 years, Chris has given couples a Better Way to Relate to navigate the 22 pairs of opposite behaviors that call pull your relationship apart. He uses the Birkman Method, a breakthrough motivational personality assessment based on empirical research with proven reliability and validity. Chris offers rock-solid (research based) couples advice you can use tonight to make your relationship better and stronger. We also have with us some friends of the show that are going to be our couple for the podcast. We have with us Morgan Clouser, she is the President of a local sorority called Gamma Delta Sigma at Lycoming College in Pennsylvania, and her boyfriend Jack Holmes, who have been dating for 13 months now.

In episode 240, we listen to Chris’ analysis of the Birkman assessment that Morgan and Jack completed, what their common interests are, the best way they can handle any conflicts that come up, and how they can best interact as a couple going forward given their unique personality traits.