Marc Rappaport: What alternatives are there for gas and oil, and how can today’s students benefit?

Our next guest is Marc Rappaport. He’s had an interesting and varied career in renewable energy and conservation. Over 50 years, he is the inventor of the geothermal solar thermal hybrid system, he has designed solar buildings, built a solar hot water heater from recycled materials, is a pioneer of a wood waste biomass cogeneration power plant in Medford Oregon, has presented at various conferences, as well as being an invited speaker at the Sustainability of the Planet Conference held in Stockholm, Sweden at the Nobel Institute. He has written white papers for the White House, and is author of the book “On the Verge of Tomorrow”.

We find out why Marc chose Cal State East Bay for his undergraduate experience, what is biomass power from wood waste, what is geothermal solar thermal hybrid energy system and how can it help us, what alternatives we have when we replace the windows in our homes, what alternatives do we have to stay cool in the summer, whether we can work with the entire local community on community solar solutions, what technologies students can discover in order to ensure the major they choose in college has a bright future, and the best local restaurants in Washington State.