Dr. Thea Zunick: How can we show empathy in the time of COVID-19?

Check out our town hall on empathy in the time of COVID-19! This is episode # 41 of Fraternity Foodie with Dr. Thea Zunick, a speaker for Greek University and a community engagement manager for the Jed Foundation. Some of the questions that came in include the definition of empathy and what that looks like during the Caronavirus pandemic, social distancing versus physical distancing, why social connection is important to humans, creative ways fraternities and sororities are staying connected, how universities can keep their students engaged and show empathy, how to cultivate connections instead of blame or stigmatize others, how you should connect with others when they are stressed or upset, the importance of human touch with consent, how we can help those around us even if we don’t know them very well, and navigating confined spaces for families when we are spending unusual amounts of time together. Thea shares incredible resources with our audience! Here’s the link: https://youtu.be/0PfToW-66LA