Zach Westerbeck & Christian Beck: How do we focus on Mental Health during the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Welcome to our town hall on Mental Health during the Coronavirus pandemic for fraternity/sorority students and administrators. We will share a ton of resources in this episode, so be ready to take some notes! We have two excellent resources here with us today to guide our conversations and to answer your questions on mental health, so feel free to use the chat box for any questions you would like to ask our panelists. Christian Beck is a licensed mental health counselor for Colgate University, with clinical interests in coping & resilience and positive psychology. Zach Westerbeck speaks on college campuses all over the country on understanding Mental Health and breaking the stigma, and he experienced his own crippling depression and anxiety in 2016. Zach is able to relate and clearly articulate why now more than ever it is critical to understand how to manage your mental health. Link: