Jasmine C. Williams: How can we cope with all the chaos?

Welcome to episode number #103 of Fraternity Foodie! We have with us today Jasmine C. Williams, an over-caffeinated friend to many and dog mom to one. She is a proud motivational speaker and speaking coach. She found an easy, free way to cope with unexpected adversity: She started half-assing her way through life. She was barely going through the motions and struggling through most of her darkest days with a smile. Now, she shares the ugly truths about her journey through it all to help others draw their own roadmaps to happiness.

We find out why Jasmine chose High Point University for her undergraduate degree (who can blame her?), the unexpected adversity she had in college and how she dealt with it at the time by “half-assin’ it”, how she is able to motivate students and professionals today, how she copes with all the chaos of a pandemic, politics in D.C., and daily stress, how to create the perfect work from home environment, how people can improve their speaking skills, how she got into writing, advice for recent college graduates that don’t feel career ready at the moment, and her favorite restaurants in the D.C. area. Enjoy!

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79whsNGwDUI